tisdag, november 11


okay so this was the day when I was supposed to get a ton of shit done during the day so that Eloise and I could go to the Greenhouse without me feeling guilty over not studying in the evening.
That did not happen.
Instead, I skipped my first class, partly because my room was freezing when I woke up and that made me unwilling to get up and therefore I ran late, (ohhh the joy over KAVIAR for breakfast though!! eggs have never been better) but also because yesterday I realized that I don't give a fuck about arranging SCREW Y'ALL and so I didn't care about finishing my homework. Therefore, I skipped class, and instead I went to the library to almost finish the homework that was due so that I at least will have something to show on Wednesday. Such student, very jazz.

And then, during my long class break at 1-4 pm I was supposed to send hundreds of emails, fill out forms, do my instrumentation proposal homework thingy, fill out application papers for my social security number ETCETERA ETCETERA, but INSTEAD I drove Aaron the poor sick baby boyfriend to the car fix place (since we re-attached his car's belly part with duck tape on Saturday..!), and then I drove him back home and was supposed to do "my stuff" at his place before Forum at 4. But that did not happen. No instead, we fell asleep. For almost two hours. So I woke up at 5:30 after the world's best nap with a "SHIT" and had to almost hurry to get my ass to rehearsal on time at 6. What a great productive day!

And then Eloise and I and her two gay guy friends went to the greenhouse anyways and had dinner and drank unlimited amounts of frozen margaritas and gin&ginger. You get a G&G for 1 dollar on mondays. 1 dollar. THAT'S FUCKING 7 SPÄNN FÖR EN DRINK YOU PEOPLE. Murica, sometimes you do good things.
It was a great show and I love hearing Sky Window, it's a great band. Matt Young is probably the best drummer at a college level that I've ever heard, and just the fact that I've gotten to play with him makes me happy. Horace is also very very very very good. It's funny to think that these people pretty much were the first ones Eloise and I met when we got here, the first couple of times we went out. It all feel so distant now. It was a great time. Although I must say, that even though those first couple of weeks were great because of all the excitement, the "what's it gonna be like" feeling and the thrill of meeting new people, the thing I have now is pretty damn awesome too (confession: I am getting a little bit tired of school though.. which can be seen in my attendance, or lack thereof). All because of this silly boy.

Btw, languages are seriously hard.
Just hard in general, in every way. Now I've gotten so comfortable with english that I don't think anymore, which makes me say some things wrong sometimes that I probably would've known how to say right if I'd only been thinking a bit more. Even though thinking less makes it more fluent too. Some expressions are funny, I like learning them. Aaron is good at correcting me just enough, haha. My accent is unnoticeable until someone mentions that, because then I get all self conscious and can't speak normally. And that is funny too – now I'm so much more aware of the swedish accent when I hear friends or other swedes speak/sing english in one way or another.

Oh and the thing with the small expressions! Like now, I was just thinking that it's almost 1 am and I have to get up at fucking 7 and that's in such a short time, and that made me realize that I've stopped saying that wrong now. Like, the natural thing for a swede to say is like "I went up at 7 this morning" för att det kommer från "jag gick upp". But you don't say that, you say "I got up at 7, I do not want to get up". Get up och inte go up. It's such a small thing but there are a bunch of those that I'm gradually getting into my system.

It gets so confusing though. The other day I was going to translate a snapchat caption in swedish to Aaron, and did so by reading the swedish text clearly out loud, in Swedish. And so I looked at him to see his reaction, when he just started laughing so hard and I realized I'd been translating it the wrong way, or rather, no way at all. Great job, brain! What is your language anyways. I'm just generally degrading. Except when it comes to Californian slang – I'm doing great with that.

Okaaaayyyyy sleepy time.
This is all ok just since I haven't yet written any drunk blog posts from here.

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